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Apricot Jam 850 g

Apricot Jam 850 g

Volume: 720 mL
glass container
metal cap
Gross Weight: 1171 g
Net weight: 850 g
Type of package: plastic bag in cardboard
Pieces in 1 Box: 12
Quantity per truck 20 t:
Quantity in 40-feet container:
Quantity in 20-feet container:

~41 400 pcs.
41 400 pcs

19 800 pcs

Customs Code: 20079939
Best Before : 2 years
Apricot- min. 53,8 %
Sugar Syrop
Energy: 220 kcal
Carbonhydrates: 57     g
To be stored in between 0˚С and 25˚С
Humidity: 75 %
Apricots are those beautifully orange colored fruits full of beta-carotene and fiber that are one of the first signs of summer. Although dried and canned apricots are available year-round, fresh apricots with a plentiful supply of vitamin C. Apricots are rich in the carotenoids and xanthophylls, nutrients that researchers believe may help protect eyesight from aging-related damage To give an example of how this works, one of these nutrients (lutein) appears to be able to protect the retina—the part of the eye that picks up the visual image from the environment—from damage caused by blue light. Additionally, researchers have linked regular intake of fruit with less risk of vision loss with aging. This benefit is found in people who eat three or more servings of fruit each day.
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