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Black Currant Jam 310 Low-Calorie

Black Currant Jam 310 Low-Calorie

Volume: 250 mL
glass container
metal cap
Gross Weight: 474 g
Net weight: 310 g
Type of package: plastic bag in cardboard
Pieces in 1 Box: 20
Quantity per truck 20 t:
Quantity in 40-feet container:
Quantity in 20-feet container:

~41 400 pcs.
41 400 pcs

19 800 pcs

Customs Code: 20079939
Best Before : 2 years
Black currant- min. 50 %
Sugar Syrop
Energy: 182 kcal
Carbonhydrates: 48     g
To be stored in between 0˚С and 25˚С
Humidity: 75 %
Blackcurrant is widely used in Europe as an herbal medicine. Iron is an important mineral in black currants, providing 20 percent of the daily value along with protection against immunity deficiencies and fatigue by transporting oxygen to cells. Also present are copper, calcium, phosphorus, manganese, magnesium, and potassium for optimal cell, tissue, and organ function in the body. Anthocyanins are one of the compounds that make black currants uniquely powerful in antioxidants. Flavonoids like betacarotene, zeaxanthin, and cryptoxanthin help lower the risk of lung and mouth cancers, protect against neurological diseases, slow the aging process, and fight inflammation. As far as ORAC value (oxygen radical absorbance capacity), black currants offer one of the highest values among every other fruit but a few: chokeberries, elderberries, and cranberries.
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