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Apple Juice Concentrate

Apple Juice Concentrate

Apple Juice Concentrate 70 % Brix (AJC) is vaporized apple juice with the benefits of occupying up to six times less volume than apple juice and being relatively stable in normal conditions.

AJC is usually produced by juice producers, being able to supply them with the raw materials for bottling apple juice when out of the season of fresh fruits. Production involves 100% apples, which have been grown in Moldova and takes place in August till November, thus the guarantee that our clients will produce 100% juice. 

Quality-wise Moldovan standards are similar to Council Directive 2001/112/EC of 20 September 2001 relating to fruit juices and certain similar products intended for human consumption. Which also complies to AIJN – European Fruit Juice Association.

AJC has thick, viscous, opaque liquid, the presence of sediment in the bottom of containers appearance and consistency.
AJC has yellow, light brown color.
AJC has typical for apples, without foreign taste and odor taste and aroma.

A regular auto cistern can pick 20-22 tons of AJC is accompanied with the following export documents:
  • Invoice, CMR , export declaration
  • Quality certificate and conformity certificate with analysis protocol
  • Certificate of Origin from Moldova EUR-1 (18% customs tax exemption for this product).
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