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Plum Paste

Plum Paste

Plum Paste

Plum paste is made by concentrating or dehydrating plum pulp.

The fresh ripe plums are brought to the factory, washed, inspected and finished to remove skins, stalks, pips and any foreign material to finally be mashed into homogeneous pure. This mass is vaporized under vacuum at about 80°C until it reaches the refractometric dried substance of 56% Brix – ideal for storing in normal conditions. It is then when the plum paste is poured into 220l metal barrels with polyethylene double sacks inside. The product is packed in polyethylene double sacks of 240 kg barrels.

Plum paste is produced 100% out of plum pure and does not contain any other ingredients or food additives. Processing takes place during August to September.

The plum paste is a dark purple-brown color, typical of the variety of plums used. It has a sweet sharp plum taste, is viscous but with a smooth texture with the Brix 56%.

Plum paste is commonly used as an ingredient for the production of fruit leathers, fruit bars, pie fillings and as a base for fruit drinks and sauces. It can also be used in the manufacture of fruit ingredients for breakfast cereals, snack bars and similar products etc.

A regular truck can pick 20 tons of plum paste and is accompanied with the following export documents:
  • Invoice, CMR , export declaration
  • Quality certificate and conformity certificate with analysis protocol
  • Certificate of Origin from Moldova EUR-1 (22,4% customs tax exemption for this product)
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